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What strategic ‘position’ in the market do you want to own relative to your competitors?  What is your USP? 

Travel and Tourism are fascinating areas, and ones I feel could benefit from a stronger focus on Qualitative Market Research, as opposed to only statistical analysis. Whether you are accommodating tourists, carrying tourists or commuters, entertaining, operating tours, selling products to tourists, or in the process of enhancing the appeal of your town or city to tourists, market research can help you to focus on what’s important to the people and segments that matter. The infrastructures available for both travel and tourism vary widely across markets, but in every market there are missed opportunities which can be addressed following a thorough research study.

Just a few of the issues and trends you may be encountering in 2019:

  • Uncertainty regarding Brexit – possible changes in levels of disposable income across Europe as effects ripple out
  • The Viral Effect – millennials seeking newer, more impressive destinations as friends and acquaintances communicate their experiences and what were once adventurous exciting journeys become the norm…this also includes the desire for more cultural experiences like Workaway, as well as the use of apps to exchange with local people way in advance of travel
  • Last minute vs advance bookings – confusion over when and how to book, as well as which travel websites and companies give the most rewarding User Experience
  • Armchair Travellers – the number of people feeling they ‘know a place’ just through photos and videos shared online or via social media is increasing…how will this affect tourism in future?
  • Sustainability – with increasing focus on the environment and the toxicity of human lifestyles, tourists are seeking cleaner, more environmentally friendly experiences like yoga retreats, or ecology tours with an element of ‘giving back to nature’

Qualitative and Mixed Method (Qual/Quant) research can help you with all of these questions and many more. Get in touch today for an initial chat around your issues, your objectives and your future plans!

Case Study

A small cruise line company wanted to understand how it was perceived relative to its competitors in the region, and how it should be positioning itself to its current and potential customers.  QualiProjects conducted a mixed methodology study in order to fully target each group.  Firstly, focus groups were conducted with young people who would never usually consider a cruise in order to define the marketing strategy which would appeal to this age group.  Secondly, a detailed Online Community study was set up which lasted for 8 days and was able to pull apart the characteristics, appeal and USPs of a wide variety of cruise liners.  Some of the participants were then interviewed in home, where they talked about their experiences with other cruises. The output was threefold:  Firstly, the name, branding and website of the cruise company was overhauled.  Secondly, a list of action points for more effective marketing to target segments was defined, and thirdly, the USP of the company was refined in order to effectively position the new brand in an already competitive marketplace.   This was followed up by a mystery ‘shop’ 6 months later to track effectiveness of some of the changes.

Here are some examples of the brands I have worked on either as QualiProjects, or under the umbrella of another agency, using a range of methodologies including Online Qual, Ethnography, Focus Group Discussions, Teledepths, hotel visits and mystery shops:

market research ireland

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