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Automotive, Finance and Retail

Grouped into one here, but three very separate sectors with their own unique challenges in 2019 are Automotive, Finance and Retail. QualiProjects offer market research in all 3 sectors.

Whether you are running a car clinic, investigating attitudes towards self-driving cars or electronic vehicles, facing issues with automation or customisation, trying to merge on and offline retail businesses, warding off the high street competition, investigating fears induced by cyber crime in the financial sector, or trying to understand the impact of cryptocurrencies and invisible banking on your own business and brand; Qualitative Market Research can help you to derive valuable insight from your customers and stakeholders that can help steer you towards a future that is not only profitable but keenly aware of modern trends and how your customers interpret them.

Below are some examples of the Automotive, Retail and Finance brands for which I have conducted market research (B2B and B2C) either as QualiProjects, or under the umbrella of another agency. I have used a range of methodologies including Online Qual, Car Clinics, Ethnography, Focus Group Discussions, Consumer Workshops, Intercepts and IDIs. Get in touch today for an initial chat around your objectives and future plans!

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