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International Research Pitfalls

Avoiding the pitfalls of international qualitative research So you’ve decided you would like to do some international research. Whether the research is about understanding how consumers use or could use your product in Europe, what your brand is about in Bulgaria, who the competition is in South Africa or what new product innovation you could […]

Rotting on the Inside?

What Good is Being Rotten on the Inside? I saw a play at the Galway Theatre Festival this week ‘What Good Is Looking Well When You’re Rotten On The Inside?’ by Emma O’Grady.   It was a play ‘in development’ put together by the theatre maker herself and based on the writings and recordings of her late […]

Everyday Rituals

New Year Resolutions or Every Day Rituals?     New Year is the time when people make strong, fearless resolutions, determined to change their lives for the better.  It’s when we all decide to become stronger, fitter, healthier, more organised, kinder, more sensitive and, well, more like the people we want to be.  It’s also […]

Destination Branding

Destination branding for Rochdale As a former Rochdalian and qualitative researcher interested in destination branding, I was interested to come across this video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpXb-KQIlOg which advertises my birthplace as a great place to live, work and play. The video aimed to market Rochdale as a unique and dynamic destination in order to raise awareness, improve automatic perceptions, attract funding […]

5 things to know about Online Communities

5 things all Research Buyers need to know about Online Communities   So you need to know more about what drives and motivates consumers but feel that focus groups are not really providing new and interesting results?  You’re bored of the insights coming out of current research and want to try something new, but can’t […]