Qualitative Market Research

…and how it can help your business

Market Research helps you to consider and (re)define brand strategy by focusing on what end-users really want and need, as well as how they are behaving around your brand, and why.

QualiProjects offers in-depth market research studies in Ireland, the UK, EU and internationally across Consumer, Tech, Healthcare, Social, Retail, Media & Comms and Travel sectors offering purely Qual or Qual/Quant mixed method research including both traditional and modern methods such as Online Communities, Eye Tracking and Mobile Qual.

QualiProjects will work with you to uncover strategic insights that will prove or disprove your hypotheses and focus on how to ascertain company objectives.

We have a labyrinth as our banner image and logo, to symbolise the journey towards real insight that market research provides, despite the twists and turns along the way.  Market research guides Brand and Insight Managers, Marketers and R&D professionals on a journey into the symbolic ‘centre’ of the maze, to unearth new wisdom and determine how to breathe new life into a brand through the highlighting of strategic action points and recommendations.

QualiProjects works in a variety of languages both on and offline to recruit and conduct fieldwork and to deliver research results.  We also offer a Market Research Translation and Interpreting service.

Market Research Methods

…and the questions we can answer

  • Focus Group Discussions

    Exploratory, Concept Exploration & Recycling, Conflict Groups, Brand Personality, Market Mapping, Taste Tests and Pricing Studies.  Creative techniques such as NLP, imagery, visualisation, objects, memory games and so forth.

  • Ethnography

    2 hour to full day immersion – couples, kids, individuals, filmed and non filmed (Usage & Attitudes, Customer Journey, Behavioural Journey)

  • Depth Interviews

    B2B, B2C, adults, teens & sensitive interviewing in-situ and off-site

  • Online Communities and Mobile Qual

    Asynchronous Groups (Online Communities), Mobile/Video Qual, Eye Tracking, Desk Research and Website Evaluation/User Experience 

  • Teledepths and Skype Depths

    National and International

  • Accompanied Shops

    Including iGlasses and Display Sensors for key metrics.  Exploring Merchandising, Store Layout and Customer Journey.  Observations and Intercepts, including hall tests and non-participatory observation

  • Workshops

    Kick-off workshops, employee engagement workshops, NPD and Insight Generation

Market research will help you to answer questions around brand perception and personality, unmet consumer needs, societal trends and their potential impact upon your product or service,  the most effective advertising and communication routes, the importance of packaging, how to foster great working relationships amongst your staff…and much more!   See the Case Study section for more detail or contact QualiProjects for an initial chat about your objectives.

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Online Community Research

…and the reasons behind its success!

An Online Community is a password-protected tailor-made platform specifically designed to answer project objectives.  A set number of respondents answer our questions and complete our tasks on a daily basis, usually over 3-10 days but the length of the community is open to discussion.

Respondents are welcomed each day and encouraged to interact with one another.  Questions can be private as well as public, so if a certain project or question is more personal or sensitive, then it is made private.

The beauty of asynchronous groups is that participants respond at their own pace, ensuring full focus and honest, insightful answers.  Participants are never restricted to ‘getting a word in’ during a 2 hour group, and often open up much more as a result, many times creating friendships and connections within the community.

Geographically diverse populations can be united on one tailored platform – be that the QualiProjects platform, or that of our colleagues from other online service providers.

We encourage participants (who are profile checked) to remain anonymous and find that the depth of output and the extent to which the research becomes a part of participants’ lives for the duration of the platform is incredibly beneficial to research analysis and results.

As director of QualiProjects, I have been working with Online Communities for 10 years and have moderated and analysed discussions with participants from the UK to Brazil and from Spain to Australia, always in the local language.

For a simple example platform from QualiProjects, click here. (note that you will need to ask for a temporary password from QualiProjects to access the site).

A few words about QualiProjects

I’m Jennifer, the director of QualiProjects – passionate about the power of qualitative and mixed method research!  I work with a network of experienced professionals including other Quallies and Quantitative Market Research Specialists, Techies, Artists, Recruiters and Agencies.

I have been a quallie for 13 years, and am also an accredited Psychotherapist and Relationship Therapist with broad experience in mental health and psychological interventions in London, West Africa and Galway, Ireland.  I bring a lot of empathy into my work and am always keen to help companies and brands really ‘see’ their customers and their unmet needs.

My experience with international market research and therapeutic work has led me to understand human nature on a deeper level.   I am accustomed to drawing out my own patterns and assumptions before they affect research results and am adept at facilitating behavioural change in a way that is both motivating and achievable.

I use person-centred approaches and respondent-tailored techniques to find out what’s really important.  Each new project is a creative exercise that requires careful consideration as well as fresh input and ideas.

The Research Network

I work with a network of trusted Professionals in Ireland, the UK and further afield.  For Quantitative and Qual/Quant projects, my partner is Penny Meigh.  I work as QualiProjects or with colleagues such as Penny (under the brand of Step Beyond) and others, on a wide range of national and international projects in consumer/FMCG, social, finance, tech, B2B and education sectors.  I have been a member of the ICG for 6 years and have recruitment, agency, client and interviewer connections worldwide.

market research

I may be interviewing Brazilians about ageing one month, as input to ad strategy for a natural face cream, and running triads with schoolgirls another month to understand how the experience of puberty affects later participation in sports and exercise.   One project may involve an online community exploring what business owners need from EU funding communication, and the next could be exploring an idea for a new European cake mixture.  All projects involve a team of highly experienced individuals and/or agencies, trusted by QualiProjects to work both competently and ethically.

Translation and International Research

QualiProjects can offer translations from and into Spanish, Portuguese, French, German and Turkish.  We can also offer an interpreting service from Spanish or Portuguese into English.  All those translating/interpreting are or have been practising researchers, hence we have a unique understanding of the vocabulary of research projects, discussion guides, concepts and outputs.

QualiProjects also offers local language research in all Spanish, Portuguese, French and German speaking markets, wherever it is cost effective to travel. Where UK or Irish bilingual researchers are not recommended, we work with trusted local partners to ensure the best results.

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