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The speed at which the media and tech sectors are growing and changing is incredible. According to Computer Weekly, in 2018, the tech sector in the UK grew 2.5 faster than the overall economy. The demand for more sophisticated Voice-enabled products and services is growing, and the integration of IoT into everyday life is so prevalent that (according to Forbes), it will soon no longer be a commonly used term, because the Internet of Things is about to become just, ‘things.’

Despite the continuous uptake of ever-more sophisticated technology (which in turn continues to affect traditional media), there are increasing outcries about the impact of technology on our lives as human beings (are we ever allowed to just ‘be’ any more?) and we are seeing impressive uptake of apps like Headspace and practices like Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation, designed to escape the Information Overload of the digital world, but often THROUGH that very world itself.

Added to that and following the horrific recent live streaming of terror attacks is the awareness of the need to more heavily regulate social media sites like Facebook. This links in directly to users’ fears about the handling of personal data, which is in turn connected to the sense of an ever more powerful and omnipresent Big Brother society observing our every move (think the microchipping of people in Sweden and the backlash over talks of this in the UK)

Qualitative market research can help you to explore these issues and what they mean for your unique brand, as well as determining likely future trends and how they could impact you. Get in touch today for an initial chat around your objectives and future plans!

Case Studies

A European publisher wanted to understand the market for children’s publishing in both the UK and Canada.  QualiProjects conducted several days of desk research, including purchase of reports and articles to understand how a new entrant could a) enter the market legally and b) make their mark in terms of what is currently missing.  We also spoke to an author of children’s literature and a publisher and produced an overall report with a detailed SWOT analysis for both markets.

A national radio station was struggling to get advertising spend up because the brands they were approaching were not finding their target audience age group appealing.  The commercial objective was therefore to understand this audience in more depth in order to make it more appealing to brands and to target advertising more effectively.  QualiProjects used Ethnographic and Online Community market research to understand and segment (into types) this audience.   The qualitative research results were published in several periodicals, providing an interesting and insightful story to tell brands who then invested in the station. See here for a brief write-up by Campaign Live.

Here are some examples of the brands I have conducted market research for, either as QualiProjects, or under the umbrella of another agency, using a range of methodologies including Online Qual, Ethnography, Desk Research, Focus Group Discussions, Teledepths and Product Tests:

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