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Healthcare Market Research can help you to understand how patients, medical professionals and other key stakeholders use and feel about your solution. Like many other industries, healthcare in 2019 will be hugely impacted by both funding and technology, which are clearly linked.

The arrival of new digital therapies and connected health services may be massively beneficial worldwide, but there is already push-back (much like when biologics were introduced for the first time), due to the need for healthcare organisations to change and re-shape perceptions around how healthcare ought to be delivered.

Some of the issues you may be facing:

  • Patients want face to face interaction, but may find they’ll be seen quicker online
  • Companies need to invest in upskilling workers to deal with the integration of necessary technologies
  • Increased communication and awareness of mental health does not match the funding being provided – many charities springing up in this area cannot keep up with the waiting lists and are not aligned with other services
  • Health tourism provides both opportunities and threats across markets, and was recently identified as one of the fastest growing and most lucrative areas of tourism globally
  • In the UK, Brexit continues to affect Healthcare, with restrictive rules on recruiting non-EU nationals affecting the ability to replace disgruntled staff leaving to build lives elsewhere…..and in terms of medication, the stockpiling has already begun
  • Progress on Healthy Eating plans through organisations like Healthy Ireland and Public Health England is continuing, with drives to cut sugar, improve food education, highlight the links between mental and gut health and reduce unhealthy habits

Qualitative market research can help you to explore these issues and hundreds of others! Get in touch today for an initial chat around your objectives and future plans!

Case Studies

An international pharma brand wanted to understand how to reach rheumatologists regarding its new drug.  We conducted depth interviews with specialists in order to gauge awareness of other drugs available, as well as who manufactures what.  The output helped the brand to understand how to improve relationships and engagement with end-prescribers as well as predicting likely uptake at launch and ways to improve this.

manufacturer of a vitamin multi-mix wanted to understand how and why consumers may make decisions to buy vitamins in the supermarket versus the pharmacy.  We conducted a series of intercepts followed by accompanied shops to understand the point at which consumers made this decision in store and who or what would influence their decision to either switch brands or buy more.

Here are some examples of the brands I have worked on either as QualiProjects, or under the umbrella of another agency, using a range of methodologies including Focus Group Discussions, Teledepths, IDIs, Expert Interviews and Cognitive Debriefing:

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